Calculate food cost and profit margin iOS Android Web

Find out how much your recipes and menu items cost to make.

Count inventory iOS Android Web

Manage inventory counts of your ingredients and see the calculated total value of your inventory.

Send orders to suppliers iOS Android 

Enter your purchase order and we'll send it to your suppliers for you. We'll even let you know when they confirm or decline the order!

Receive orders from customers Android 

Publish your menu and receive orders from customers.

Put recipes inside other recipes iOS Android Web

Save yourself time and effort by not having to enter the same ingredients into each recipe. When you change a sub-recipe such as "pie crust" the cost is automatically updated for you in all recipes and menu items that contain it such as "apple pie", "pumpkin pie", and "blueberry pie".

Take photos iOS Android 

Associate photos with recipes, ingredients, and menu items. Instruct your team members to look at an ingredient photo for reference when they are searching for that ingredient in your inventory. Use recipe and menu item photos as reference when preparing and checking a dish.

Use the big screen and a keyboard Web

Use the web app to quickly enter lots of data. Track labor costs. See a large amount of data at a glance.

Track waste iOS 

Spoilage and waste eat away at your margins. Record incidents of waste to improve total food costing accuracy.