Save photos for recipes, menu items, and ingredients.
Create reference photos as guides to preparation techniques, plating, packaging, and more.
View an ingredient photo for reference when searching for it in your stockroom.

Available on iOS and Android.

How it works

When you create a photo,
it automatically syncs to all your other devices.

If you have a Team plan, all Organization members have access to saved photos.

List of all ingredients

See all ingredients contained in a menu item or recipe.
Check the ingredients list for your products and menu items before you start selling them, including nested sub‑recipes.
View a recipe's ingredients to make substitutions or variations.

Available on iOS and Android.

How it works

When you do final review of your menu items,
you can watch out for specific ingredients that must excluded. This is especially useful when designing products for special diets.

Costs versus profits

Set better prices to get more profit.
Fillet automatically calculates your profits based on cost of components.
See how much each component adds to production cost.
Compare percentages for food cost versus labor cost.
Modify menu item components to recalibrate cost.

Available on iOS, Android, and web.

How it works

When you make changes to a product,
Fillet instantly recalculates your costs versus profits. If you make changes to recipes or ingredients contained in a menu item, Fillet updates menu items with those changes.

A photo of food preparation.